STylacs aims to empower non-technical/not educated
women & Transgender Across Pakistan

Our Story

There are almost millions of startups which are not favoring our society’s most loving folks that are women and trans genders, so we wants to pave path for both of them for being an entrepreneurs, we provide ease to the present ones. Henceforth, we came with the idea of Stylacs, which will make both of them to earn their integrity and do what they are really best at, and also here in our society in Pakistan. Mostly females do not have that much freedom to get out of their homes to make some revenue with integrity, so Stylacs is coming to make them an independent entity and with Stylacs they can start making money and also not crossing the limits which are implemented on them from societies and family. and we also provides trainings so those who are not blessed with this skill can get trainings and get certified by stylacs as a beautician.


This is the idea of the of Durshal & Techvalley Abottabad INCUBATEE- Ume Hani, she wants to pave path for women entrepreneurs and provide ease to the present ones. Henceforth, she came with the idea of Stylacs.  She entered into this entrepreneurial system 2 years ago, A professional UI/UX designer and web developer and Philanthropist.


Sajjad Ahmad: COO - STYLACS

Sajjad – co-founder of STYLACS and APS Survivor, who has good grasp almost over every technology and been in this industry from 7 years, He’s former Google DSC Lead & UI/UX Designer.
on a mission to empower women and transgenders financially and morally.

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