STylacs aims to empower non-technical/not educated
women & Transgender Across Pakistan

Our Story

We are one of Pakistan’s first Google Developer Student Clubs team leads.
As part of Google, like every Googler we also participated in the 2020 Google Global Solution Challenge, we were in the ideate phase at that time.
So we started turning our idea into a Business Model with Startup Name

Stylacs is an online platform to connect beauticians, salons, and barbers with their valued clients, through website( & Mobile Apps.
We aim to empower women and transgender both financially and morally by giving them an opportunity through which they can offer their beauty skills and earn in the privacy of their home, also through Beauty Delivery Services to customers spot or at Stylacs Beauty Salon. We also offer beauty training courses to let every individual polish their skills or learn from scratch and become a certified beautician.

We believe a world where women and transgenders are economically empowered will be a fairer, happier, and more prosperous place to live for everybody and that our business will flourish in it.
At the current rate of progress, women will have to wait 108 years to close the gender gap with men, which is alarming.

We want to be a leading force in closing the gender gap, and challenge & change the barriers to transgender and women empowerment.
The most challenging gender gap remains in the economic sphere, which will take about 202 years to close. working on the economic sphere is our primary focus.

By 2023, we will empower 1 million women by advancing opportunities for women and transgenders in our operations; promoting safety; providing up-skilling; and expanding opportunities

To achieve transgender and women empowerment, we need entire systems to change, driven by our own business activities and initiatives alongside multi-sector collaboration at global, national, and international levels.
Stylacs is an initiative to accomplished the unaccomplished & taboo considering mission.

We are supported by Amazon Web services team in terms of finance and technology, also shortlisted at Ycombinators with help of Amazon’s mentors.

We have just opened the first Stylacs Beauty Salon at most Premium and Commercial Location of Peshawar, adjacent to Shelton Rezidor near KFC main university road, targeting 100+ beauty salons as our sustainable business model nationwide.

The surprising & most exciting thing is that, we(Stylacs) secured 2nd position in the whole KP for the seed funding, and the government of Pakistan invited us for a ceremony, where they rewarded us with PKR 3 million.


This is the idea of the of Durshal & Techvalley Abottabad INCUBATEE- Ume Hani, she wants to pave path for women entrepreneurs and provide ease to the present ones. Henceforth, she came with the idea of Stylacs.  She entered into this entrepreneurial system 2 years ago, A professional UI/UX designer and web developer and Philanthropist.


Sajjad Ahmad: COO - STYLACS

Sajjad – co-founder of STYLACS and APS Survivor, who has good grasp almost over every technology and been in this industry from 7 years, He’s former Google DSC Lead & UI/UX Designer.
on a mission to empower women and transgenders financially and morally.

Adnan Latif: Data Analyst - STYLACS

Adnan Latif is an expert user of Geographic Information System (GIS) tools. He has sound knowledge of different software like ArcGIS, Erdas Imagine, ENVI and ILWIS. He has more than 10 years of experience as a data analyst.

Usman Gumman: CSO - STYLACS

As a seasoned Area Sales Manager at Askari Bank Ltd., my tenure since April 2004 has been marked by exceptional performance and strategic leadership. I oversee and drive the overall sales performance, implementing robust sales strategies to achieve and exceed profit goals. Leading a dynamic sales team, I prioritize motivation and guidance to ensure targets are met and territories are effectively managed. I excel in analyzing market dynamics, identifying key opportunities, and fostering long-term customer relationships to enhance brand awareness and drive revenue growth. Additionally, I actively collect and analyze customer feedback, providing valuable insights to senior management for informed decision-making. My role demands a combination of analytical prowess, strategic thinking, and interpersonal skills, all of which I consistently apply to achieve outstanding results and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Usman Goman Stylacs CSO
Nusrat Khan Stylacs CTO

Nusrat Khan: CTO - STYLACS

Nusrat who is – CTO of STYLACS and a flutter & full stack developer, and awesome at implementing technology in the real world with understanding of real world easy experience.

Fahad Khan: CFO - STYLACS

Fahad who is – Chief Finance Officer of STYLACS and a Technopreneur, who has vast experience of implementing practical businesses in real time.


“Stylacs* got Second position in the whole KP and won Seed Funding.

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