Women Beauticians

Transgender Beauticians

Male Babers

Empowering the underprivileged Women & Transgenders Across Pakistan

Empowered 30+
Women and 3 Transgenders

We are aiming to empowered Million+ Women & 10K+ Transgenders morally and Financially by the end of 2025.

Empowered 10 those women who have not received education

Alhamdulil’lah, Stylacs have empowered 10 non-technical/not-educated by making them enable to give their beauty services.

Dolphin Ayan - Ambassador

Dolphin Ayan is Famous Transgender Influencer with Million+ followers on TikTok and Thousands of Followers on other Social Mediums.


Become a Captain

It’s up to you! Start earning with Careem today.

Become a Captain

It’s up to you! Start earning with Careem today.

Stylacs Operates in 2 major cities of Pakistan


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Stylacs the app will be available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.
Not yet. Stylacs is available for download in Pakistan and will be launching soon in other countries.
All the time. Our development team is hard at work and we release new features on a regular basis.
We’ve built Stylacs specifically for people who are not technology experts! Stylacs includes free, friendly customer support. If anything is unclear, just contact us at
Currently, barbers receive a notification in the morning of how many upcoming appointments they have for that day. Clients that book through Stylacs receive reminder notifications 2 hours before their upcoming appointment if they’ve enabled notifications from Stylacs.

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